Getting to Know Me: Doctor Who Edition

I haven’t posted much about fandoms on here yet, other than Harry Potter, but as I’ve described before, this blog is just as much about fandoms as it is about books and writing. So, in honor of this first fandom post, here’s some things about me you might be interested to know, as they relate to Doctor Who. This is the second in my series of “Getting to Know Me” posts.


I suppose I’ll start with that most obvious of Doctor Who personality questions: which companion are you? This was actually a difficult thing for me to decide, and I thought about it for a while before writing this post (and even wound up taking a ridiculous number of Buzzfeed quizzes on the topic to help me contemplate). I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s not really one companion that fits me, but I’d have to say, I’m most like Clara as far as I can tell. She’s brave, and loyal, and sweet, all things I try to be. And I identify with the way she presents herself to others. I think she’s got just enough of a sense of adventure and mystery to keep her interesting, but she’s grounded enough that she’s still a relatable character.


Plus, I just don’t identify with any of the other companions. I’m not as sassy as Donna or as feisty as Amy. Rose is sweet and normal, but even she can be a bit sarcastic or more outgoing than I see myself. And Martha, while similar to me in many ways, just has too much of a sense of adventure. In imagining myself in the DW universe, I think I’d be a lot more afraid on some of her adventures than she is.

Keep in mind I did also consider some of the other side companions in my thought process here too, like Jack Harness, Mickey, Strax, and Rory, but also decided that they don’t really fit the bill.

Time Travel or Space Travel?

I would most definitely prefer time travel to space travel if I were to ever travel with the Doctor. Space is cool and all, but I think I’d be worried about traveling so far from home if I were to go to another galaxy or something. Plus, the aliens in some of the episodes really freak me out, and I think I’d have less evil villains to worry about traveling in the past.

Besides all that, I’m just a bit of a history nerd. I almost considered majoring in it, except I worried the school aspects of it might make it too boring. But I know it definitely wouldn’t be boring if I were experiencing it in real time: it would be like living out a story. I think my favorite time to go to would be the mid-1800’s England or early-1900’s America. I love American history from that turn-of-the-century, progressive era, and 1800’s England would be cool just because I feel like there’s so many DW episodes where they go there, and I always love those episodes a lot.

Favorite Object of the Doctor’s:

Definitely the psychic papers. I feel like this is a weird one to admit, because it makes it sound like I have nefarious purposes or am trying to get into places I don’t belong, but honestly, I just think it would be cool. I could have credentials in anything if I needed them or use it if I happen to forget my driver’s license or school ID around campus. I think if I had a bigger version of it too, I could use it for homework as well. If I forget an assignment, I could just use the psychic papers to show my professor in class.


The Doctors:

Finally, I thought I’d try to narrow down which Doctor I’m most similar to. This was an even more difficult one than trying to narrow down which companion I’d be, because clearly, no one can ever come close to being like any of the Doctors.

Thus, faced with the decision to pick between them, I was unable to come up with a final decision. I think I’d be a combination of the 10th and 11th Doctors. David Tennant was a clever and determined Doctor, and always seemed to know what he was doing. Matt Smith’s Doctor, on the other hand, was just always so positive and excited. I think the combination of all those qualities would be the best way to come close to describing me (although even then, I don’t think it fits perfectly).

So anyway, I hope this post gave you a little more insight into who I am, or just made you think about the answers to these questions yourself. I’ll have to decide what fandom I do next in this series of posts (I was thinking Sherlock, but that might be difficult because the Sherlock universe is not as vast as HP or DW). Have a wonderful Friday and look out for more posts this weekend!





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    • It was really hard to decide, and I’m actually not sure I even like my answers anymore as I read it over! How can I even pick one companion haha? Though it was also a lot of fun to think about and write.

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