Reviews Are Coming

It’s always been my intention with this blog to review books, although I recently realized that might not be so clear based on everything I’ve written on here so far. Fear not though: the book reviews will be coming soon (like, early-next-week soon).

Kelly reviews a book

I’ll be posting a tab on the main menu at the top of my site as well where you’ll be able to find all of my reviews as I complete them. My first one will be Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, because that’s what I’m reading right now and planning on finishing this weekend.

In other news that’s semi-related to reviews, I’ve also decided to attempt to use Goodreads again, even though I previously said I have a lot of problems with it. It’s the best way I’ve heard of to track books and reading though, so I’m going to give it another go and if I hate it this time around too, I think I’ll give up on it for good. I deleted practically everything off of all my shelves, especially my TBR, and essentially cleaned up my whole account (I didn’t feel like deleting it and dealing with the hassle of making a new one), so it’s pretty sparse right now, but there will hopefully be lots of books added soon as I start posting more reviews on here. One of my goals with this blog is to motivate myself to find the time to read more.

Most of the books on my Goodreads TBR right now are a combination of books I’ve just been interested in reading lately, and all the recommendations I got from people on Facebook after I made a post asking people for their personal recommendations. Some of those I don’t know if I’ll get to, because they aren’t really the kind of thing I’m usually into based on their descriptions, but hey, trying new things is good for you, so I may give some of them a chance. I’ll post a widget linking to my Goodreads page later, and also a complete list of all the books on my TBR sometime soon.

Finally, while I will be starting these reviews next week, I’m also starting my Harry Potter extravaganza late next week. I will not be posting reviews for the HP books, because God knows they don’t need to be reviewed, but will be documenting my journey back to Hogwarts in a series of posts during the time that I’m reading them. I have no idea if I’ll really be able to get through any other books while I read the HP books (or if I’ll want to be reading other books on the side), so the reviews may not continue or be very frequent while I do that, but I promise they will pick up once I’m finished with HP and will be a big focus of this blog after that. I have a huge list of books I want to get through this summer, even more than I originally posted about, and I’m excited to share all that with you guys.


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