“Currently Into” Monthly Roundup: April 2017

If you’ve never checked it out, I have a page on this site called “Currently Into…” where I post the things I’m currently reading, writing, watching, or listening to. I update the page on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of every month, letting you know what’s new with me.

Because I change the page so frequently, but also know people might be interested in what I was doing earlier on in a particular month, I’m going to post a monthly round-up that includes everything I posted on that page in the last 30 days. These posts are going to be a regular thing, posted on the last day of every month.

I didn’t start this blog until partway through this month, so I don’t have much to say about what I was doing earlier on in April (to be honest, I don’t even remember), so this post is going to be shorter than my future roundup posts, which will be divided into sections for early in the month, midway through the month, and late in the month.

Anyway, without further ado, here you go:



Late April: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This is a book I was dying to read for a while. It follows Lincoln, an IT guy in the 90’s, who’s assigned to read the emails of everyone in an office of newspaper reporters so he can write them up if they’re ever using the system inappropriately. He comes across a chain of personal emails between two reporters, Jennifer and Beth, but doesn’t write them up. And as he continues to read their emails, he finds himself starting to fall for one of them.

I did not finish the book this month, but it is so far an amazing book by Rowell, who’s quickly become one of my favorite authors for light-hearted, easy reading. I’d recommend it.


All of April: This month, I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo. I set my goal low, only to 30k, but did well and ended up finishing with 31,183 words. While I wish I could have hit the 50k goal, I did the best that I could for this month, especially with so much school work, and I’m definitely proud of myself. The story isn’t finished, so we will see how it goes as I head into the next two months with no NaNo events to inspire me to keep writing.

TV Shows

Late April: I got partway through the first season of Narcos. This was a show I was actually pretty reluctant to watch, because I’m not necessarily interested in the drug culture of the 80’s or in Pablo Escobar, but after watching one episode at the insistence of my boyfriend, I was hooked. The storytelling is captivating, the cinematography extremely well put together, and it’s super interesting. I barely notice that 45-50 minutes have gone by when the episode is over, which for me, means it’s a great show.


Late April: I’m in a bit of a music rut this month. I wasn’t extremely taken by any new songs or artists, so I listened to random mixes Spotify created for me, just to have something to listen to on the way to class.


Late April: I watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street directed by Tim Burton after seeing an amateur stage production of the musical. And I must say, I LOVED it. I’ve only ever seen one Tim Burton film before this, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I hated it, so I was pleasantly surprised. The cinematography, eerie feeling Burton portrayed, and the performances were beyond phenomenal, and I think this may be one of my favorite movies that I’ve ever seen. The sheer number of actors from Harry Potter that were in it helped a lot too.