The Worst Star Wars Fan in the Universe

May the Fourth be with you!

Today is always a day that I have to remember to give people well wishes. It’s my parent’s anniversary, my half birthday (not that that really matters as an adult anymore), a friend from high school’s birthday, and of course, it’s a day all my nerdy Star Wars loving friends get excited about every year.

However, I feel like I need to make a confession: I am the absolute worst Star Wars fan in the world.

star wars

Star Wars has never really been my favorite fandom, just because I got into it so late. As a kid, I always thought it was a “boy movie” and that I couldn’t watch it because I was a girl and girls don’t like things that boys like. Luckily, my six-year-old self grew out of that phase–mainly because I finally saw Toy Story, a movie I had previously thought was only for boys because my male cousin liked it, and I realized that Toy Story is awesome–but even when I did, I still had no interest in Star Wars. There was this super annoying boy in elementary school who was obsessed with the Star Wars movies, and he’d chase me around sometimes with a Darth Vader helmet on and a red light saber when I went to his house with my parents. That pretty much turned me off of the movies after that until high school.

When I was 16, my history teacher had us watch the first trilogy after our AP exam in May. It was so weird to a lot of people that I had never seen the movies before then, but I was actually kind of glad that I had waited, because I understood the plot better than I think I would have if I watched them when I was young. I actually got pretty swept up in the movies after seeing them for the first time, and I watched the first trilogy over again pretty much right after I saw them. I developed a weird crush on Luke, and thought R2-D2 was the cutest little robot I’d ever seen on film. I was totally into Star Wars.

And then…my interest just kind of fizzled out. I tried watching episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the films, but barely got into them and never finished, and at this point, I still haven’t seen episode 7, which makes me the worst Star Wars fan in the world. I have a couple Star Wars t-shirts and even a stuffed Chewbacca in my room, but I’ve never seen more than the original trilogy, even though I sing praises about the films to anyone I meet who’s never seen them. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time for one of the shirts I wear pretty often: It’s got a Wampa drinking coffee on it, but for whatever reason, I can never remember that it’s called a Wampa when it’s brought up in conversation (and no matter how many times I’m reminded what it is. Which is every time I wear the shirt).

star wars dog

Basically, for as much as I obsess over Harry Potter and know everything about the fandom, I am the complete opposite when it comes to Star Wars, even though I do like the films.

Anyway, I have now confessed my fandom sins to the internet, so my conscious should be clear. And who knows? Maybe I’ll finally get around to seeing the other movies this summer, so I don’t have to be such a terrible fan anymore.

And for all you true fans out there celebrating today, may the fourth be with you, wherever you are.


3 thoughts on “The Worst Star Wars Fan in the Universe

  1. You don’t have to go back and watch episodes 1-3 to be a good fan. Odds are, you’d be better off purposefully avoiding them. But you should definitely go watch 7. As a fan of the original trilogy, 7 will give you so many good tingly feelings. It’s new and old at the same time.


    • I’ve heard 1-3 aren’t very good, but every time I tell people I haven’t seen them, they always react like I’m missing out on this huge part of the series for not watching Anakin and Padme’s story, even if I do know the gist of it. Though I am excited to see episode 7! It’s the first movie I think I’m going to watch when I can rent it.

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      • Episode 1 is worth watching for the lightsaber fights. Other than that, I don’t have much use for 1-3. Maybe because my favourite characters weren’t in it. Maybe it’s because I knew they fate of the characters that were in it and there was no real tension during fight scenes. I don’t know, maybe I’m a callous, uncaring SOB to not care about the love story, but I don’t. *shrug*

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