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I got on a weird train of thought today. I was toying with the idea of adding a genie as a character to my novel, but ended up realizing she wouldn’t fit into my plot anywhere (she’s been floating around as a character in my head for a while…looks like she’ll continue to stay there for a while). Anyway, that got me thinking about genies and Aladdin and making wishes, and I began to ponder what I’d wish for if I ever came across a magic lamp and received three wishes.


And I realized, it’s not very fun to think about what I’d wish for if my three wishes could be anything, because I’d feel obligated to do something sappy or responsible, like wishing for a life of happiness and health, or for world peace, or at least long and happy lives for my friends and family. There’s no creativity there. So then I began to think, what if this hypothetical genie is a genie that only grants book-related wishes? He/she will do anything for me, so long as it relates to literature.

And that was a lot more fun to think about, though it did take me a while to decide exactly what I would want. I thought I’d share my thoughts here.

3 Bookish Wishes

  1. If you’ve seen my blog before, you probably know how much I love Harry Potter, so is it any surprise that my first wish would have to do with that? I think the first thing I would ask my hypothetical genie is to meet J.K. Rowling, in England, androwl have tea with her. This accomplishes a few things for me: I’d get to go to England (I’ve never had the means to travel anywhere before, but England is one of the places I’d most like to go), I’d get to satisfy my tea addiction with some nice English Breakfast Tea, and I’d get to pick Rowling’s brain about all things writing and Harry Potter. I wouldn’t care if I was in London or the English countryside, it would just be a cool experience.
  2. I’d want my own personal library, somehow attached to my house. It would two-ish floors: one main floor, and a little staircase leading up to a small balcony-type area. The main floor would be a little like a basement, and it would be filled with shelves and shelves of books, all organized in whatever method I feel like having libmy books organized at that time. There would be a lot of cozy armchairs and couches for reading, and I’d maybe even have one of those giant beanbag chairs. There would be blankets all over the place too, because I get cold a lot. It would be cozy, quiet, and feel very secluded, because that’s how I liked to feel when I’m reading. The upper balcony area would have a few large wooden tables or maybe a desk that I could sit at to write. There would definitely be comfortable writing chairs. I would also have large windows up there looking down on a busy street, so I could people watch when I get bored or need inspiration.
  3. My last wish would be a bit more practical than the others. All I’d want is a bookstore close to my house, where all the books are cheap. They’ve continued to close all the bookstores that are currently near my house over the years (the one that was 5 minutes away got shut down about 8 years ago to be replaced by a steakhouse, then the one that was 15 minutes away got shut down last year and is now empty…the nearest one is now 40 minutes away). So, I want a close bookstore that isn’t a hassle to get to. I’d also want all the books to be cheap: not free, because I want to support the authors that wrote them and keep the store that’s selling them in business, but I’m also a broke college student that needs affordable books.

So…that’s it. That’s what I’d wish for if a genie granted me three bookish wishes. This was kind of a silly post to write, but I enjoyed thinking about it, and I’m curious about others too: What would be the three book/writing related things you’d wish for if you had the opportunity?


4 thoughts on “Bookish Wishes

  1. What an interesting queston to think about! I would definitively wish a personal library too. Having tea with a writer also sounds nice, but I would rather choose Laini Taylor. As a third wish I would love to spend a day in the Harry Potter books, it would be amazing to visit Hogwarts 😀

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  2. 1. The ability to read an entire book simply by touching it. Too much? Aren’t we talking about magic? Fine. At least an inhuman speed-reading rate.

    2. A combination eBook/paper book. It would have the capacity of an e-Reader so I can carry an entire library in my pocket, but it’s still made of paper pages.

    3. To wish for more book wishes, of course!


    • Ah, I see you’re going for the classic wish loophole with the third one, which is always a good choice (: But your first two are pretty creative! The first one would definitely save me a ton of time haha


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