Caturday Saturday

It’s been a rough week for me with group projects and papers and a whole slew other things I had to do for school, seeing as it was my last week of classes. And of course, next week begins a week of finals, which is nice because I don’t have to go to class anymore but also…I have finals, and no one likes those. It’s also been raining non-stop all week where I live, and I’m just exhausted, so I thought I’d keep today’s post relatively simple.

I love cats and think they’re cute, and I know there’s a ton of people who also agree with that sentiment. For those who don’t, I figure even if you don’t like them that much in real life, you still have to find videos or pictures of them to be adorable. So…if you need a pick-me-up this Saturday morning like I do, here’s literally just a bunch of gifs of cats doing cat things (I tried to keep them all book-related because that’s what this blog is, but there’s others thrown in, too).

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Happy Saturday!! If you’re entering finals week like me, good luck! We’ve got this.