I’m titling this post after the term one of my professors this semester used for anything that wasn’t related to the class’s content, but necessary to talk about, like deadlines or upcoming reminders. So, with that fun bit of information, let’s get on with the laundry list (no pun intended) of “housekeeping” things I wanted to discuss today.

So…it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. Finals weeks has just been kicking my butt with all the stuff I’ve had to do (and the fact that I keep getting distracted by The Great British Baking Show, but that’s my own fault). Luckily though, I finished up just about everything I had to do yesterday though, and I am now totally free. Except for packing. I do have to do that. Or I can just wait for my family to get here and have them pack for/with me, although I’m not sure I want to anger them like that before I go back to live with them for three months.

I’m thinking my posts won’t stop like that again now that I’ve got some free time, and if I ever do need to cut back on the frequency of my posts, I’ll let you all know in advance.

Anyway, now that school is over, I’m trying to map out what I’m going to be blogging about in the coming weeks. I’ve got another book review coming up for the book I’m currently reading, and then I need to get started on rereading Harry Potter, as I promised a long time back (I’m already late on starting that, but still very excited). But other than that…I don’t quite know yet. I’ve got a couple ideas in the works, but I wanted to get some input from you guys, the people reading my blog. What do you want to see? More writing stuff? Less reading stuff? Different reoccurring posts you’d like to see? Fandoms I should look into?

So…yeah. That turned out to be less housekeeping stuff than I thought I’d have in here, but I figured you were all owed an explanation as to why I’ve not been around lately. My head has been completely frazzled by school, and it’s made it hard to do much of anything else.