I’m Not A Fan of Fanfiction

I think the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory in terms of what it’s about: I’m not a huge fan of fanfiction. It’s funny, because I feel like most people in fandoms are really into reading it, and a lot of people who like writing get into writing it, while I just never became interested in either, despite being a writer myself and really into a lot of fandoms.


I definitely think the concept of fanfiction is a cool idea, and it’s a testament to how great some works of writing are. Harry Potter is such an expansive universe that it allows for other writers to take any number of characters and concoct their own stories about them, and I think that says a lot about Rowling and her writing and world-building. The fact that such great fanfiction can be written from her works is an example of how great the original books are.

Of course, there’s also trashy fanfiction out there, like weird, smutty stories about hooking up with Twilight characters or members of One Direction, but that’s not really the point of this post, and it doesn’t impact my non-interest in fanfiction. Trashy fanfiction, to me, is more of a way that some people live out their fantasies or put the daydreams they have to paper, and it’s not exactly comparable to fanfiction that’s written with the intent of expanding an author’s universe. It’s the latter that I’m focusing on in this post.

When it comes down to it, I think the only reason I’m not interested in fanfiction is because it’s not canon. I’m just too stuck to what the original author of a work says that I can’t enjoy reading about something that they didn’t confirm happening. I don’t mind entertaining headcanons every once in a while (I see them on tumblr and Instagram all the time, after all), but to me, it just seems like a totally different thing when a headcanon is expanded into a story. Headcanons are fun musings; a story makes the characters and the situations come alive, and then it just seems real to me. And maybe I’m just too traditional when it comes to my outlook on stories, but I don’t want a particular character or situation to come alive in my mind unless it’s something that I know happened to them, and I typically only believe the original author of the work on what they intended for their characters/what actually happened to them.


Maybe my mindset is a little outdated, but that’s the whole reason I’ve never gotten into fanfiction before. But I’m curious about others: What are your thoughts on fanfiction? Is it something that enriches your fandom experience, or does it just distract you?