Appreciating Molly Weasley

Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating! I thought in honor of the day, I’d make this post all about one of the best moms ever described in a book, Molly Weasley. The woman is the most caring, doting, and yet badass moms there is (I’d say both in the fictional world and in the real world), and I thought today that I’d list some of the reasons she’s so great.


Molly Weasley has seven kids

Seven. Who even has seven kids anymore? I’m overwhelmed at the thought of even having one or two kids, and this woman is out here raising a whole clan. Sure, she has magic to help her clean the house and get day-to-day stuff done, but still, I imagine it’s hard to keep up with a bunch of kids who are also using magic, usually without being able to control it (There’s an 11 year age difference between Bill and Ginny, meaning there was a year there right after Ginny was born and before Bill left for Hogwarts where all her kids were home and unable to control their magic). What’s more, all of Molly’s kids turn out to be successful, well-adjusted individuals, so she’s clearly doing something right with her parenting too. Honestly, this one in and of itself makes her a great mom in my book.

Molly Weasley loves her kids’ friends like her own

Everyone has that one friend whose mom was always just super welcoming. And if you didn’t have a friend like that, it was probably your mom who was super welcoming. Molly Weasley takes this to the extreme. She welcomes everyone into her home, and takes Harry in like her own child because she knows he doesn’t have a proper family. Granted, throughout the series, it’s mostly Harry and Hermione who are the recipients of her hospitality, but I imagine she did the same for her other children’s friends when they were in school (except maybe Charlie. I always get the feeling he was friends with more dragons than people while at Hogwarts, and for as awesome as Molly is, I don’t see her welcoming dragons into her home).

Molly Weasley has been through a lot

I don’t think a lot of people realize it as they read through the series, but if you think about it, Molly Weasley has been through a lot in her lifetime. Her brothers died in the first wizarding war, which had to be hard on her. She lives in poverty, but makes the best of it. She endures countless struggles with the Order when she joins and fights as hard as anyone against Voldemort’s forces. With the things she’s been through, she could just shut down and become bitter and reclusive if she wanted. Yet, she’s a friendly, loving mother who’s always there for her kids, even while she’s fighting Death Eaters.

Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix

I feel like this one doesn’t even need that much explanation. Like, we’ve all read that scene in Deathly Hallows or watched it in the movie. It’s just so good. Molly Weasley is a badass.

Molly Weasley is cute in a mom sort of way

Have you ever noticed some of the smaller details about Molly Weasley that are sprinkled throughout the series? How she loves Celestina Warbeck? The motherly outfits that she wears or the little spellbooks of household charms she keeps around the house? Her story about going on a date with Arthur at Hogwarts and getting yelled at by the Fat Lady? She’s just a wholesome character full of the fun little quirks any lovable mom character should have.



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