Caturday Saturday Part 2

There’s a lot of posts about books/writing I’ve got planned, and I was planning on posting one of them today, but I decided against it, for a couple reasons. First, it’s a Saturday, so it’s the perfect time to feature some cute cat pics, and second, because today happens to be the one year anniversary of my cat’s death.

Now, even though this is the one anniversary of Shorty’s passing, I don’t want this to be a sad post or anything: this may sound weird, but it was a bit of a relief when he passed. Of course, I was sad, but he had been suffering for a while before he died, so it was nice to know he was finally relieved of all his pain, and I was also not away at college when it happened, which I’m eternally grateful for. I got to say good-bye to him and pet and talk to him in those final moments, and I’m so glad I had that opportunity instead of being part way across the country. And today, a year later, while I miss him, I mostly just look back on all the goofy things my cat did, and remember him happily, which is what I wanted to share today.

First, here’s a couple pictures of Shorty, who, as you can tell, is not short at all. He was actually a relatively big cat. I didn’t name him; my family got him at a shelter when I was about 6 years old, so whoever named him and dropped him off at the shelter before we got him clearly had an interesting sense of humor.

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Shorty was also just a funny little dude, in terms of being a cat. He was a lot more friendly than most cats I’ve seen, and he craved attention all the time–very far off from the stereotypical “I hate people, don’t come near me unless you have food” mentality that a lot of cats have. He’d run to the door when we got home, demanding to be petted, almost like a dog. He wasn’t much of a lap cat, but he would swat at your hands or rub up against you a thousand times if you were sitting on the couch and he wanted you to look at him. He used to attack my feet too, if I were walking around the house but not giving him my full attention.

When he was younger, he also liked to turn on the hallway lights to get our attention at night. We have a long hallway in my house upstairs, and there’s a light switch about 3/4 of the way down it. He’d start at one end, run at full speed toward the switch, and jump up to flick it on.

He liked salty foods, which I’m not sure is typical of cats, but it was something I always found funny about him. He especially loved black olives: if we had them with dinner or in a salad, he’d sit and meow at your feet until you gave him one, and then he’d chase it around the floor, licking the salt off of it and occasionally biting into it too. We also had to watch him around Cheez-Its. If you left a box of those out, he was sure to get his head into them and eat a few, but then he’d get sick, which was never fun for him, or us. Of course, as a cat, he also enjoyed typical things like milk. Shorty used to jump on my lap whenever I was eating cereal and try to drink the milk out of my bowl. I’d have to hold him away from it, but usually when I was done, I’d reward him by pouring a little milk from the carton into my spoon and letting him drink it from the spoon like a person.


Shorty’s favorite holiday was Christmas, not only because he would get treats and usually a new toy in his stocking every year, but also because wrapping paper and boxes are the greatest thing cats have ever seen. I will say, that was one of the strangest things about this year without him. I can’t really remember a Christmas without him freaking out about everything going on, and it was weird to not have that this year.

Finally, Shorty, like a lot of cats, liked to hide in places where we’d never find him. When he was younger, they were a bit more creative: he’d hide in the TV stand behind the VCR or would climb into a pile of my younger sister’s stuffed animals and try to blend in. There was one time we couldn’t find him for almost a whole day, and my parents actually worried that he got out of the house somehow (even though he hated being outside). We ended up finding him in the basement, hiding in a cabinet that he had somehow shut himself into. There was also a point a few years back where the wall in one of our upstairs closets broke, and revealed the pipes, and he liked to go into there and crawl through the hole in the wall into the interior structure of the house. We had to shut that down real quick in fear of him getting hurt.

All in all, Shorty was a great, vibrant, funny little cat, and I’m so glad to have had such a great animal companion growing up. My parents don’t want a new pet any time soon, and I’m not allowed to have pets in my housing down at college, but I can only hope that in a couple years when I graduate and find an apartment somewhere, the cat(s) I end up with will be half as cool as Shorty was.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to get so sappy or reminiscent in this post today, but at the very least, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Shorty. If you have any funny stories about your own cats, I would love to hear them in comments.