Do I Live Under a Rock?

I pose this question in a short post today, because honestly, I think I do. If anyone remembers, and I’m sure no one does, I made a comment in this post a few months ago, about how if JK Rowling ever started writing mysteries, I would have to go out and buy them right away. I said that based on the why she wrote Harry Potter and included some elements of mystery in it, I think she’d be phenomenal at the genre.

What poor little old me did not know when I wrote that post is that JK Rowling does in fact write mysteries. She writes lots of them. A whole seven books series, in fact. Yes, Rowling, since 2013, has been publishing books in a new crime/thriller/mystery series under the pseudonym “Robert Galbraith.” I found this out a week or two ago while randomly scrolling through the comments on some Buzzfeed article about Harry Potter, so I looked into him out of curiosity, thinking the person might have just been trolling, but it turns out, they were not. She really does write mysteries under the name Robert Galbraith. And thus, I now feel like I’ve been living under a rock, because this has been going on for four years and I only just found out about it. There are three books in this new series out already, and the fourth one is being released soon.

I did head out to the library upon hearing this information, however, and I picked up all three books that are out in the series right away, and the plan is to read them before I go back to college in a few weeks. I’m about halfway done with The Cuckoo’s Calling, the first book in the series and guys, it is everything I imagined it to be when I made that comment a few months ago about Rowling writing mysteries. It’s soooooooo good and keeping my on toes and so engaged in the plot and you just tell it’s Rowling by the writing style. I love it. It’s not Harry Potter, but it’s my idol with a new series and she’s just as good as I wanted her to be.

So yeah. I highly recommend the series right now, and I haven’t even gotten through the entirety of one of the books yet. You should all go read it right now, although I apologize if you just so happen to live in my town and use my town’s library, because I am currently hoarding all the books available in my room right now. Forget about everything NASA does and that thing in the news the other day about editing genetics: this is the most important discovery of 2017 so far. Even though everyone else already probably knew about this. Because I’ve apparently been living under a rock.